Web and UI Design

Need a new website, e-commerce store or app? Or maybe you're just hoping to improve your SEO, add some functionality or create a new digital marketing campaign. Matt Rumbelow Design combines the experience of digital marketing experts with web designers and developers as well as experts in iOS and android. No project is too big or too small, so why not get in touch.

BookLife Flagship Site

During Matt's time as Head of Digital Marketing at BookLife, he was asked to create two flagship sites that would act as beautiful, striking online presences but also as robust, effective e-commerce platforms. The role was not just to design the visuals, but to build the Shopify sites from the ground up. The user interface, customer experience, organisation, potential for growth, SEO and ROI all had to be considered and managed. The sites are now managed by BookLife's in-house team.


EϟV Responsible Clothing Site

EϟV is an independent clothing project in-development that attempts to mix skate and climbing culture with ethical practices. The bold, stylish mockups were used to generate interest.


The Secret Book Company Site

The Secret Book Company wanted a website and e-commerce platform that was visually fun and exciting and yet was built on a professional, accessible user interface. Everything from the organisation to the colour scheme to the tone of the copy had to actively balance the jovial style with a trustworthy core.